How We Can Be Resolute in 2021

Resolutions don’t make you resolute

Hey friends!

2020 is officially in the past. I know many are thankful for that. 2020 was both a year of global change and chaos. Today marks day one where millions around the world will begin their New Years’ resolutions. Many will only last a few weeks. Maybe until the end of February—if they really try. Let’s be honest, that’s most of us.

It’s time to say goodbye to resolutions.

Resolutions don’t make you resolute.

Resolute is a fancy term I like, which I like to use when referring to following Jesus with deep devotion—a steadfast pursuit that is firmly focused on Jesus Himself. Webster defines resolute as “marked by firm determination.”

Let that be our “resolution” for 2021—to be marked by firm determination in our pursuit of Jesus. The way that we live should reflect a deep devotion to Jesus. People should know whom you believe in by the way you live.

Are you going to live a resolute life this year? It will change your perspective on everything. I promise you that.

So how can we be resolute in 2021?

It’s easy. Follow these steps.

  1. Seek Jesus first daily

  2. Get in the Word until the Word gets in you

  3. Pray constantly

  4. Get plugged into a local church

  5. Find your tribe (small group to do life with, to study the Bible with, etc…)

This is a simple list, not exhaustive. It’s not a magic formula. It can be summed up with just two words: Seek Jesus. Seek Him first—above everything, including your favorite hobby and your career and everything else in your life.

Let people see you doing that.

Let them see you living a life marked by firm determination to seek Jesus above all else.

God will honor that, I promise you. He always honors those who diligently seek Him first in all that they do.

So, here’s to 2021—the year where we will be known for our resolute faith in the name above every other name: Jesus!

- Aaron